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Alien Ladies of the Galaxies

(1st edition)

Across the observable “universe of discourse”

       H***ow the project started…***



From my imagination & drawing (phrasal verb) from what I learned about “Universe of Discourse” taught in science class…decades ago!)

The excepted idea of “universe of discourse” is the given domain of objects (a class or set) being considered within a given context or (a fragment of a theory).

Universe of discourse language (visual language) is used to discuss entities in imaginary, real, or “part” real worlds. The imaginary or “part” real world that I am discussing, at this time, with my art is the class (or set) of Alien Ladies species.

The definition, according to Michael Foucault, of universe of discourse is “any practice (found in a wide range of forms {i.e. art}) by which individuals (myself) impart mean to reality. It is everything stated or assumed in a given discussion (in this case a visual discussion)

If the Alien Ladies were “all” the Ladies in the universe then the art would most certainly be “not true”. As a restricted set within a real or “part” real universe my Alien Ladies NFTS may very well “be true”.

For the purposes of “universe of discourse” my NFT art is a discussion of every Alien Lady “in this” universe. While the Ladies are fictitious the universe and galaxies they come from DO exist, and are known to be real to us.

My unique one-of-a-kind Alien Ladies NFTS are an interaction between fact and fiction…a link between real and imaginary worlds!


(((The Alien Ladies)))

The Alien Ladies of the Galaxies (1st edition) project (ALOG) is comprised of 1288 NFTS These include hand-drawn original art as well as Redesigned AI-generated (multiples) art, " Portrait “faces only” art and real-life hand carved weapons. Following are the lot counts: